The Wisdom of Animals

A Present State of Mind

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Animals are, in some ways, the most blessed creatures in the world. They face daily challenges of not just surviving, but thriving – just as we do. But they do not linger on past mistakes; they learn. They do not project their fears into the future; tomorrow is not here yet. Instead, they live in the moment – this moment, and this moment alone. Perhaps we can learn from this very present state of mind…and none too soon.

Here and Now

So much has unfolded so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep pace with. Thus, it is all the more important to recalibrate our fast-paced brains to the situation at hand – not the one from yesterday or last week, or the one that might happen tomorrow. Starting each day, each moment, each interaction with a clean slate may be a lot to ask for, but it is nonetheless worthy to strive for. Let us take on the wisdom of animals, and move forward one step at a time.

Chapter 1, Good Morning

Excerpt from NeverSeen

“Bye, Mom. I love you,” I called as the messenger shut the carriage door and hopped into the driver’s seat. She gave me something wonderful: a small smile, the likes of which I hadn’t seen for far too long. The carriage flew off into openness beyond the tree. I stood for a minute, praying for her. Something started humming erratically by my head.

“Hey there, buddy, you ready for school?” I asked Frankle, one of my hummers. Studbum, my other one, zipped around my head and hovered in front of me to say, “Well, yeah, only since yesterday!” Ashlee pulled out our coats and sacks and locked the front door as I harnessed my hummingbirds. I helped Ash get her coat on as she harnessed Doolee and Buzzle, her hummers. We mounted and harnessed onto our leaf-sleds as we swung our packs on and gave a whistle.

Will you live in the moment today?



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