Book 7, The Faeland Legends

The End of Faeland Is Nigh

Remembrance, Book 7

Art by Prabath Wijayantha and
cover design by Brandon King.

About The Book

Must All Things Really Come To An End?

From the multiple award-winning teen author Taylor Hunter comes the final book in a YA series inspired by the classic faery tale stories we all loved as kids. Perfect for teens and young adult readers who yearn for contemporary epic fantasy adventures that remind them of Narnia and Middle Earth.

All Their Hopes Lie In A Desolate Ruin And A Child King.

After unmasking the Darkwielder, it seemed a no-brainer that Faeland would wake up to the rising threat of Shadowcasters. But not so.

Only a handful acknowledges their very existence. And Emmaline, once shielded from the public eye, is rightfully suspected as a Resistance leader.

When war is unleashed on Faeland, Emmaline can only wonder how long the Resistance will survive. Darkness swallows the nations, and allies are few and far between.

But there remains a two-fold mission: a desolate ruin to reclaim, and a child king to protect…

An explosive and moving conclusion, Remembrance will make you reconsider what makes us human—in an entirely fantastical world.

Remembrance is the 7th and final installment of the Faeland Legends.


Teen & Young Adult


Coming October 2023

The characters and the story were very unique, well written and interesting. The story line kept me reading anxiously on to see what would happen next. A truly exceptional book for a young author!!! And perhaps a new genre has appeared on the literary scene!
~ Dr MikeJ

What’s inside


A little Tinkerbell


Some Avatar




Epic dialogue


World Building!


A lot of action

Chapter 11:

Black Waters

~an excerpt

A great swell formed, blocking their view of the serpentine battle. It surged up and up, far above all the waves before it. Then it broke the surface, water pouring over them multitudes harder than the rain. Magnus felt all the air steal out of his lungs.

The creature’s head resembled that of a person. But that was it. Where it should have had a mouth, a nest of tentacles extended from its face. Fins like razors arced in lines over its scalp instead of hair; spikes jutted out from each vertebra in its back. Its skin shone like oil, but unlike the serpents writhing around it, its tone was deep green, like the iridescent vines in the king’s gardens.

But it was the eyes that paralyzed Magnus. Blazing like fire, they cast light on the surface of everything they set their gaze on, like searchlights from a haunted lighthouse.

It searched for the source of the noise, the chattering and squeals. When its searchlight gaze found the serpents, it raised an enormous arm, then swept it over the surface of the water. It backhanded the creatures, sending them tumbling across the sea. Three more shot out of the water close to the boat. Hissing and snapping, they lunged at the exposed arm and chest of the great being. Bellowing with a tone like metal scraping metal, it stumbled back, cascading massive waves across the dark sea. It swung at the serpents, seizing them in its enormous hands and flinging them towards the mountains, where they vanished behind walls of waves. One serpent soared just over the boat, splashing on the far side of the deck. Magnus let out a piercing scream as another torrent of icy water dumped over them.

Then they were standing, soaked through to the bone, in a beam of sunlight. Even through his clenched eyelids, Magnus knew they’d been found. Like a cork bouncing up and down in a shallow pool, they were utterly helpless.

That’s when Magnus realized everything had gone quiet. Rain still fell, and waves still rose and fell around them, but the screeching of wild beasts had ended. And yellow light still flooded his eyelids. Heart pounding, he cracked them open.

The first things he saw were long green spears curling over the railing. Then they moved, and he realized they were not spears but fingernails, connected to hands he could not see. Beyond them were arms thicker than the columns supporting the base of the Bahlkyrm palace; a torso rivaling the width of the victory arch marking the entrance to the palace grounds. Slowly, his gaze drifted up, and at the same time, the object of his attention drew lower in his line of sight. The crashing of the sea sank beneath them. The thunder above seemed as though it were far away.

Beams of yellow light swamped the deck of the ship, not from above, but from the side, just peering over the railing. Magnus stared into the enormous eyes of the sea god, barely breathing. A gentle rumble traveled up its arms to its hands, which cradled the battered ship. The tentacles on its face drifted through the air slowly, as if rapt in thought. And its yellow eyes, though enormous, did not harbor the hostility Magnus had seen so clearly in the guards of Riverton.

When he found the air to breathe again, Magnus whispered, “Help us. Please.”



IAA Award

What a great introduction to new author Taylor Hunter! We cannot wait to see what else this gifted writer brings us!

~ Lori Knutson

IT WAS SO AMAZING! the end is a cliff-hanger, but the entire book is almost perfect!

~ Pam

Emmaline's friends were also likeable for the most part, except for Shade, who constantly taunts Emma. Although this story is a bit too young for me, I can see the younger crowd latching onto it much as they did with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Excellent first novel, Taylor Hunter.

~ ShyReader

A coming of age fantasy adventure in fairyland. Nice descriptions of fairies and their lives and purposes. Seems like pre-teen and teen audience would be most appropriate. Some violence, strong emotions but no sexual content or bad language. As Emmaline comes to terms with how special and gifted she is, those who would use her talents and skills show up to either recruit or neutralize her. A good story dealing with some questions regarding religion, belief, and rebellion against the powers that be. Some funny and clever homages to modern culture. Some challenges with bullying, lack of confidence and self-acceptance. Well done.

~ Sandy Penny

Very good! On the edge of your seat good. I felt like I could relate with the characters; the book was so hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading more books by Taylor Hunter. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review and very honestly it was very good.

~ Tinyd

This book is a great read for young adults. It has great imagery and scenes, and the action within is detailed as well. From tree cities, to caverns, to magic, and yes, even a colony of nerds, this book is well worth your time.

~ Triston Guest

About the Author

Taylor Hunter lives in Southwest Idaho. She shares her home with her elderly cats, who tolerate her. After several “wonderful years” of challenging college coursework, Taylor is now a full-time mechanical engineer.

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