Not New, Not Normal

This is Not Normal

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This unprecedented state of chaos is new to the world, but not to me nor my family. For many years now, we’ve been striving to turn our passions into successful businesses. For just as long, we’ve been slogging through a near-constant swamp of financial uncertainty and relational disappointment. So when the globe was suddenly thrust into high alert, ordered to isolate, and dismissed from work, very little changed in my household. This surreal existence was not new for us – this was our normal already.

…But We Have to Learn to Live With It

And it is for this reason that I feel so strongly for the millions of people around the world – including millions of Americans – that have been and continue to be in a state of suspended animation, with neither financial nor relational security. I grieve with you. I pray for you. I understand what it’s like to have everything you know turned on its head. And while I don’t know you or your exact situation, I offer one piece of advice that I need to remember more myself – When all is darkest, turn your eyes to the light and offer your up burdens in surrender. Then, with a deep breath, take the first step forward.


Excerpt from NeverSeen

“That’s because we weren’t cleared to give you that information.”

A man in a silver cloak strode in from around the corner. His sharp blue eyes held the air of command in them. The evidence was presented as the boys moved well out of his way. He nodded his head to them.

“Until after the tests, mind you. I am Professor Ticort, and I can tell you now that ‘Emmaline,’ as she’s known by…”

Tracer and I glanced at each other with confusion. Raven’s forehead scrunched up, and he glanced at me like I might change into somebody else.

“…is a Flamerider.”

A collective, “Huh?” burst from us all at once. “Say what?” I asked. “And what do you mean ‘as I’m known by’?”

Professor Ticort turned. “I beg your pardon, Miss,” he apologized, bowing, “but ‘Emmaline’ is not necessarily your true name.”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” I countered.

“You are a Flamerider,” he replied cryptically, like that solved everything. He stood by a window, contemplatively looking at whatever was out there. We didn’t know yet.

Flamerider. Why do I feel like I’ve heard that before?

“Wh-what’s a Flamerider?” asked Raven, from the floor.

The professor spun away from the curtain. “You mean to say—can it be—that you’ve never heard of the Council of Seven?”

We all shook our heads.

“Oh, dear, oh, dear…you will need debriefing on all of this…oh, my. But first, come with me!” he ordered. “Yes, all of you!” Gator, Kael, and Wayk almost bumped into him when he abruptly stopped. “Don’t worry, Miss, we’re only going for a short walk outside.”

How are you doing with the Not Normal today?



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