Book 1, The Faeland Legends

A reimagining of classic faerytales…with an Avatar twist

NeverSeen, Book 1

Art by Prabath Wijayantha and
cover design by Brandon King.

About The Book

The book that tugs you into the wonders of Faeland.

From the multiple award-winning teen author Taylor Hunter comes the first in a brand-new YA series inspired by the classic faery tale stories we all loved as kids. Perfect for teens and young adult readers who yearn for contemporary epic fantasy adventures that remind them of Narnia and Middle Earth.

What would you sacrifice to save others?

NeverSeen is a tranquil forest valley sheltered by a ring of mountains. It’s safe. Secure. Nothing bad could ever happen there.

Or so Emmaline thought. But recurrent visions of raging fires have led her to question the supposedly utopian nature of her homeland.

As societal expectations clash with her inquisitive nature, Emmaline wrestles with the consequences of discovering the truth. Will her friends abandon her? Will her people betray her?

Worst of all, will the greatest hometree explode in flames as she so desperately fears?

An extraordinary adventure exploring the sacrifices of trust, friendship and faith, NeverSeen is sure to sweep you off your feet and send you soaring through a world that isn’t so different from our own.

NeverSeen is the 1st installment of the Faeland Legends.


Teen & Young Adult


Coming July 2022

The characters and the story were very unique, well written and interesting. The story line kept me reading anxiously on to see what would happen next. A truly exceptional book for a young author!!! And perhaps a new genre has appeared on the literary scene!
~ Dr MikeJ

What’s inside


A little Tinkerbell


Some Avatar




Epic dialogue


World Building!


A lot of action

Chapter 1:

Good Morning

~an excerpt

I awoke with a start, panting into my wet pillow. My sheets were in the worst shape I’d seen in ages, and that was saying something. I was drenched in sweat and very cold, despite the gentle touch of just-cool-enough, fresh, spring air coming in through my bedroom window. It wasn’t yet dawn. Threads of cool, pale moonlight drifted through my curtain, unconcerned with my current mental state. I sat on the edge of my bed, shivering uncontrollably and hyperventilating. Well practiced in the art of breath control, I forced myself to slow down, altering my short, shallow gasps into elongated, enriching sighs. I stared at my sorry reflection in the portrait mirror on my dresser, which was as frustrated and disturbed as I was. Yet another night with an hour short on sleep. I had to get this out of my head.

My secret notebook emerged for the fourth night in a row from my dresser and was opened up embarrassingly on my desk in front of the window. My window was the perfect size for me. It had space enough to see the skyline but was small enough that you could go quite unnoticed behind the curtains as you contemplated the deep mysteries of the ages. But not tonight or for many past nights for me. I brushed last night’s drawings of leaves and birds and creatures of lore and magic to the side and poured my horrifying nightmare onto the rapidly decreasing supply of blank sheets in my notebook.

Every detail, every sensation was stripped to the bone and laid bare on those precious pages of my uppermost privacy and secrecy.

This notebook cradled my sanity. It was my dreamlog. It contained every strange dream I could recall; as such, it was volume twelve of my dreamlog series. Yeah, I had weird dreams a lot. But they weren’t just weird. They were much more than that. And that was why this dream in particular was that much more terrifying to my sensitive little heart.

I didn’t tell anyone about my secret notebook of dreams, with the exception of my best friend, Sameela O’Klurn. We looked out for each other and kept each other’s secrets. She was the only person who knew I had a history of night terrors, but even then, I told her as little as I could. Sometimes the less you know, the safer you’ll be if someone starts snooping.

Besides her, I had never told anyone else why I looked so tired and acted so jumpy sometimes, but I knew Ashleeka had figured me out a long time ago. Ashleeka is my seven-year-old sister, but she has wisdom beyond her years. She has an uncanny ability of perception and philosophy that blows my mind every day. But hardly anyone knows about it because she rarely speaks. To anyone—even her parents. She mostly talks to me and that’s it. My name is Emmaline O’Meern.

What a great introduction to new author Taylor Hunter! We cannot wait to see what else this gifted writer brings us!

~ Lori Knutson

IT WAS SO AMAZING! the end is a cliff-hanger, but the entire book is almost perfect!

~ Pam

Emmaline's friends were also likeable for the most part, except for Shade, who constantly taunts Emma. Although this story is a bit too young for me, I can see the younger crowd latching onto it much as they did with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Excellent first novel, Taylor Hunter.

~ ShyReader

A coming of age fantasy adventure in fairyland. Nice descriptions of fairies and their lives and purposes. Seems like pre-teen and teen audience would be most appropriate. Some violence, strong emotions but no sexual content or bad language. As Emmaline comes to terms with how special and gifted she is, those who would use her talents and skills show up to either recruit or neutralize her. A good story dealing with some questions regarding religion, belief, and rebellion against the powers that be. Some funny and clever homages to modern culture. Some challenges with bullying, lack of confidence and self-acceptance. Well done.

~ Sandy Penny

Very good! On the edge of your seat good. I felt like I could relate with the characters; the book was so hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading more books by Taylor Hunter. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review and very honestly it was very good.

~ Tinyd

This book is a great read for young adults. It has great imagery and scenes, and the action within is detailed as well. From tree cities, to caverns, to magic, and yes, even a colony of nerds, this book is well worth your time.

~ Triston Guest

About the Author

Taylor Hunter lives in Southwest Idaho. She shares her home with her elderly cats, who tolerate her. After several “wonderful years” of challenging college coursework, Taylor is now a full-time mechanical engineer.

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