FWBC 1 - Characters

Characters: Hey, They Just Can’t Stay In Your Head

Crackin’ Good Characters

Without characters in your story, it would be sort of like watching paint dry, right? Whether your characters are like Alice diving down the rabbit hole, Harry avoiding the Whomping Willow, or Luke meeting his father (*weird breathing sounds*), characters drive a story along. They are the “who” we want our readers to love. Or hate.

In this unit, we’ll explore how important it is that you treat your characters appropriately. You’re going to have fun with this!

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FWBC Workbook – Characters

SPECIAL BONUS: Interview With a Gargoyle

Interview With A Character?!

In this special bonus section, you’ll learn a fantastic technique for getting into the head of your character, how it can be so powerful, and see (and hear) and example:Β An Interview With a Gargoyle, by Brandon King.

Want to learn more about Brandon? Visit his website.

Wasn’t that fun to learn about Brandon’s super, um, “committed” gargoyle? Sure hope you’re loving this content…

~Taylor 😍