Fantasy eBook Publishing Boot Camp - INTERIORS

Interiors That Make Your Story Easy to Read

Do eBooks Even Have Interiors?

Great question! We get where you’re coming from.

Think of this session as “Publishing Your eBook – Part Two.”

It’s not like an ebook smells of paper and provides that lovely feeling to your fingertips when turning the pages, right? Nope, you just swish your finger to get to the next page of an ebook.

Still, your ebook must have nice interior design or it will look about as great as your last handwritten homework assignment. From grade school! Bleh!

So, in this session we’ll be breaking down how essential it is that your story gets dressed up for the reader’s “visual party.” 😊

PS: Don’t forget to download the workbook for this session so you can take notes!

FEPC Workbook – Interiors

You’re making great progress! Keep going strong…

~Taylor 😍