Fantasy Writing Boot Camp - Module Six: Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice: I, Writer

“But I haven’t lost my voice!”

Yeah, we get it. We don’t mean you “lost” your voice and you need cough medicine and a nice rest. No, this is about finding your “voice” as a fantasy fiction writer.

To become the best writer you can be, you don’t want to “sound” just like some other writer. Especially if that other writer is famous. So, finding your voice means recognizing what you like most about other writers’ styles and adapting those styles to make yours. But there’s more to it than that.

Learn more about finding your voice inside this training session…

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FWBC Workbook – Finding Your Voice

I’m so excited about you completing this module, it’s actually kind of hard to put into words. And I’m a writer! 🤣

But the reason it means so much to me is that your voice matters. Your voice MATTERS. I was only 17 when my fantasy novel was published. Being a creative can feel pretty lonely, right? It can be so hard that sometimes it seems easier just keeping quiet. So, please hear me when I say that while it might seem easier to try being invisible for a short time, the cost is too high in the long term. The world needs to hear your voice. Happily, you don’t need the entire world to hear you. Just know that there are people that will delight in what you have to share. So, take what you’ve learned here and get your story written up!

Then think about completing the the companion course to this one, where Brandon King and I cover the nuts and bolts of getting your story published. It’s got even more amazing content and guidance than this course. Check it out here.

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~Taylor 💖