Fantasy Writing Boot Camp - Module Four: Writing Believable Make-Believe

Dazzling Believability: He said. Then she said. Then it screamed!

“Yo, man!”

It’s a curious thing that when we write fantasy—fantasy, right?—it needs to feel “believable.” Because otherwise it’s just weird. Even though we’re writing a story that is, by definition, supposed to take place in a foreign world filled with bizarre and surprising creatures, it still must feel familiar enough for our readers to understand…and care…about our characters and what they struggle with.

And that’s where believability comes in. 😊

PS: Don’t forget to download this session’s workbook so you can take notes!


FWBC Workbook – Believability

Whee! Now it’s time for you to build a better world (at least in your story)! Hoping you’re loving this content

~Taylor 😎