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Marketing Your eBook Like a Boss

I Need to Market My eBook? Wait! What?

We understand. Really. You’re a writer. You want to become an author. The difference is having a finished, sellable book. The sticky part for many writers is…the selling part. It’s hard enough to write the story. Then you have to figure out the voodoo to actually get people to buy the book? “Man, that seems unfair.”

Maybe it is. Still, you want people to fall in love with your story enough that they buy it. Lots of people! All the people!

In this session, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty about author marketing and give you tips on how to get things done quickly, as easily as possible (which isn’t the same as “easy”) and inexpensively.

PS: Don’t forget to download this session’s workbook so you can take notes!

FEPC Workbook – Marketing

The marketing side of an author’s life can actually be quite a lot of fun! So have fun with it! 😁