Book 2, The Faeland Legends

New Places, New Powers, New Problems

Flamerider, Book 2

Art by Prabath Wijayantha and
cover design by Brandon King.

About The Book

The story that soars into the skies high above Faeland.

From the multiple award-winning teen author Taylor Hunter comes the second in YA series inspired by the classic faery tale stories we all loved as kids. Perfect for teens and young adult readers who yearn for contemporary epic fantasy adventures that remind them of Narnia and Middle Earth.

Haunted By the Past, Can Emmaline 
Adapt to the Present?

High in the clouds of Faeland lies a realm of airships, flying cities, and the best academy of magic in world.

But not for Emmaline. Having just survived a harrowing escape from her homeland, she is not content to be isolated from her friends, nor boxed in by rigid social structures. And her power of fire–a power she despises–is the gift that keeps on giving.

When the first day of school goes horribly wrong, Emmaline is faced with a daunting reality: the dangers within Pellabor could exceed the ones she’s already endured. Her friendships, already frayed, are unraveling before her eyes.

And when the ashes settle, they may not all be alive.

A thrilling epic of faith and fortitude, Flamerider is sure to send you flying from the first page to the last.

Flamerider is the 2nd installment of the Faeland Legends.


Teen & Young Adult


Coming September 2022

The characters and the story were very unique, well written and interesting. The story line kept me reading anxiously on to see what would happen next. A truly exceptional book for a young author!!! And perhaps a new genre has appeared on the literary scene!
~ Dr MikeJ

What’s inside


A little Tinkerbell


Some Avatar




Epic dialogue


World Building!


A lot of action

Chapter 1:


~an excerpt

“You hammering something over there?”

Gator looked up from his study sheet, which, for once, he’d remembered to bring with him, and caught Kael’s steely stare from across the dim study hall. He understood Kael’s hint and stopped tapping his heel on the stone floor. “Did we have to study just the warfare-type stuff? Or all of it?” Gator asked.

“All of it,” answered Kael from behind his lengthening blond curtain of hair. “Why? Did you not?”

“Um, not exactly,” Gator admitted, glancing down at his half-finished study guide. “I paid attention during the lessons, so I should be fine,” he said, trying to convince himself.

“That’s kind of risky, isn’t it?” Kael asked, raising his eyebrows. “Not studying isn’t exactly the best idea in our situation.” His glasses glinted yellow in the light of the nearby table sconce.

This coming from the guy who’s never studied in his life. Gator chuckled to himself. “No, I get what you’re saying. I just have enough confidence in my memory to not be super concerned about it.” Nonetheless, he continued flipping through his history book. He didn’t care to waste good study time.

The pattering rain outside and scratching of pencils on paper were the only noises for a while. Kael got up once or twice to grab a volume from the bookcase behind him, his pale blue-and-violet wings twitching.

“What are you looking for?” called Gator. The only response he got was a shrug. He watched Kael climb up the ladder to reach the top shelves and pull out a book. Gator only looked away when he accidentally rubbed a pimple on the side of his face. “Zouch! Well, whatever you’re trying to find, you might want to find it quick,” he began, glancing at the massive wood clock covering half the side wall. “We only have ten minutes left.”

“Hmm,” muttered Kael. A minute later, he wondered, “Do you think we’ll ever actually get to become citizens? I mean, it’ll be really obvious that we don’t belong, having wings and all,” he added, climbing back down the ladder. Gator opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted by a clamor in the corridor. There was a whoosh as a rain-spattered Tracer opened the door to the study hall. His wrinkled clothes and untied shoelaces gave the impression that he’d merely rolled out of bed and stepped into the waiting airship. The enormous yawn that followed as he stumbled to a nearby table only affirmed the notion.

“Good day,” greeted Gator, shivering off the chilly blast from the hallway lobby. “Are you ready to crush this test?” he joked.

Tracer rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “What test?” he mumbled, shading his eyes from the table sconce glowing beside him.

“Uh, the mega-huge history test that we’ve spent the past month studying for?” snapped Kael from across the room, his hair swaying as he shook his head. “My gosh, dude, do you ever mark your calendar?”



IAA Award

What a great introduction to new author Taylor Hunter! We cannot wait to see what else this gifted writer brings us!

~ Lori Knutson

IT WAS SO AMAZING! the end is a cliff-hanger, but the entire book is almost perfect!

~ Pam

Emmaline's friends were also likeable for the most part, except for Shade, who constantly taunts Emma. Although this story is a bit too young for me, I can see the younger crowd latching onto it much as they did with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Excellent first novel, Taylor Hunter.

~ ShyReader

A coming of age fantasy adventure in fairyland. Nice descriptions of fairies and their lives and purposes. Seems like pre-teen and teen audience would be most appropriate. Some violence, strong emotions but no sexual content or bad language. As Emmaline comes to terms with how special and gifted she is, those who would use her talents and skills show up to either recruit or neutralize her. A good story dealing with some questions regarding religion, belief, and rebellion against the powers that be. Some funny and clever homages to modern culture. Some challenges with bullying, lack of confidence and self-acceptance. Well done.

~ Sandy Penny

Very good! On the edge of your seat good. I felt like I could relate with the characters; the book was so hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading more books by Taylor Hunter. I was given this book in exchange for my honest review and very honestly it was very good.

~ Tinyd

This book is a great read for young adults. It has great imagery and scenes, and the action within is detailed as well. From tree cities, to caverns, to magic, and yes, even a colony of nerds, this book is well worth your time.

~ Triston Guest

About the Author

Taylor Hunter lives in Southwest Idaho. She shares her home with her elderly cats, who tolerate her. After several “wonderful years” of challenging college coursework, Taylor is now a full-time mechanical engineer.

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