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Taylor Hunter’s short films are fun, serious and cool. Enjoy!

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“A huge fan of superhero comics with absolutely no film experience, I entered this concept in CapEd Credit Union’s Movie Trailer Contest in 2014. It placed 5th out of 60 contestants.”

Project Eleven

“As I eagerly awaited season 3 of Stranger Things, I did what any normal creative would do–I made an homage to the series. It only took nine months to plan, two days to film, and about seven zillion hours of editing.”

Anxiety Monkey

“Big challenges can come in small packages. When Film Riot posted a one-minute short film contest on YouTube in 2018, I didn’t hesitate to take a swing at it. In my dorm. With an iPhone. And a friend for voiceovers!”

Taylor’s Short Stories

Foster Family
Invasive Species
The Night Raid
Here Come The Trees

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