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Two Amazing Courses

Fantasy Writing Boot Camp

Fantasy Writing Boot Camp

This easy to follow course was designed especially to empower teens and pre-teens to write a short story in 30-days or less. In addition, the course helps them get their story ready for going through the necessary steps for publishing.

While this course is designed for young people, it is completely appropriate and fun for, you know, grown ups. 😉

Fantasy eBook Publishing Course

Fantasy eBook Publishing Boot Camp

This is the companion course to FWBC. It’s a bigger course because it covers all the aspects of ebook publishing. But again, it’s an easy to follow course designed to teach teens and pre-teens how to get their short story published in 30-days or less. 

Just like FWBC, this course is also completely appropriate for older people. 😎

Imagine It Finished!

Can You See It?

What would it mean to you to see your ebook on someone else’s tablet? How great would it be to see your own ebook on your smartphone?

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Don’t wait.

You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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