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The Books of Taylor Hunter

Faeland Legends Series

The books of Taylor Hunter are, so far, mainly focused on the Faeland Legends. However, she has short stories (see below), as well as other storylines chasing each other around in her very creative mind.

Click on each book’s cover image (very close to the final version) to learn more about that book.

NeverSeen, Book 1
Flamerider, Book 2
Recompense, Book 3
Pellabor, Book 4
Phoenix, Book 5
Recompense, Book 3
Remembrance, Book 7

Faeland Legends Cover Rebranding

The book covers displayed are most likely the final covers for Taylor’s rebranding.

Art by Prabath Wijayantha and
cover design by Brandon King.

Taylor’s Short Stories

Foster Family
Invasive Species
The Night Raid
Here Come The Trees

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