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Taylor Hunter

Award-winning author of The Faeland Legends

~ Fairies, Faith & Fortitude ~

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Fully Tilted

Fully TiltedTopsy-Turvy (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) The world has always been askew on its axis - but now, we're experiencing more than just the changing seasons. Our paradigm has been altered by pandemic, social upheaval, and supply chain...

The Wisdom of Animals

The Wisdom of AnimalsA Present State of Mind (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Animals are, in some ways, the most blessed creatures in the world. They face daily challenges of not just surviving, but thriving - just as we do. But they do not...

Compassion As Our Compass

Compassion As Our CompassCompassion As Our Compass (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Compassion is a choice. For some, this choice is instinctive; others, not as much as they would like. As much as we may want to be compassionate beings, the...

The Convenience of Offence

The Convenience of OffenceIf You're Yelling, You're Not Listening (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) The ease of offence has, as of late, overridden nearly all semblance of logic. Mass media propagates this by feeding the social engine with skewed...

Engaging the Brain

Engaging the BrainEngage the Turmoil... (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) The world is full of turmoil. We add to the turmoil when we do not think, when we run with the mob, when we lash out blindly. No issues can be solved when all anyone sees...

Not New, Not Normal

Not New, Not NormalThis is Not Normal (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) This unprecedented state of chaos is new to the world, but not to me nor my family. For many years now, we've been striving to turn our passions into successful businesses....

When Not All Is As It Seems

When Not All Is As It SeemsCompelling Wonderment (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Like my favorite fantasy stories...well, all stories, really...I wanted my story to also weave a thread through it that keeps you wondering if everything is what...

Tone Deaf from the Long Wait

Tone Deaf from the Long WaitThe Waiting Game (This content first appeared as a Bublish book bubble.) Depending on where you live, you've been sheltering in place between 4-6 weeks, maybe even up to 8. If you, like me, tend to get bored when there's nothing to do,...

Regarding Love, Relationships, and Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s February. Not that you need to be reminded – if Groundhog’s Day and the Superbowl weren’t big enough clues, then the metric tons of massive stuffed animals and miles of heart-shaped chocolate boxes lining store walls since New Year’s probably were. Who’s...

Regarding Severus Snape

Anyone who has either watched or read the Harry Potter series knows and has an opinion of Severus Snape. Many fall on one side of the aisle. Some argue he’s a saint. Others argue he’s demon spawn. From my observations, this is strongly contingent on whether a Potter...
IAA Award

Taylor Hunter's NeverSeen was honored with an IAAW award within weeks of its debut. Taylor was just 17 years old:



YOUNG ADULT, 3rd Place

Taylor was stunned & delighted by the judges' attention at the North American Book Awards, as well:


FANTASY, 2nd Place


YOUNG ADULT, 3rd Place

Follow Taylor on her social platforms (below)—as well as on Patreon—so you can stay in touch with her. She engages as often as she can, and especially likes putting up new videos!

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