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Taylor Hunter

Multiple Award-Winning

Discover fairies like you’ve never seen.
Explore a fantasy realm…too close to home.

Not Your Mother’s Fairy Tale

Tired of…

  • Twinkling vampires?
  • Wands and wizards?
  • Urban? Suburban?
  • Blunt-force writing?
  • Predictable plots?
  • Disgusting…you know

Legends of Faeland

Uncommon fantasy

Never worry again about suffering through a childish fairy tale. Enter an award-winning blend of adventure fantasy, with a dash of steampunk and a dusting of dystopian mixed in.

Something surprising. Something that calls out to you. A storyline that touches your soul.

Faith ~ Fairies ~ Fortitude

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Taylor Hunter

Come Home to Faeland

So many ways to engage in the realm of the secretive Fae.
Just click the image(s) of your choice.

~ Choose Your Path Wisely ~


Faeland Legends QUIZ
Find out which Faeland character you’re most like!


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Join Taylor’s tribe…and you’re in her inner circle! Kapow!


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Taylor's BLOG
Check out Taylor’s amazing blogs…her craft, weird facts, fun stuff!

Discover Legendary Faeland

A world on the brink of tribal wars.
Where punishment means less-than-surgical
removal of your wings.

IAA Award

Taylor Hunter

An Idaho Top Author

Epic Adventure Fantasy
the Way It Used To Be

~ Except Better ~

“Amazing debut!”
“A must for Potter fans”
“On the edge-of-your-seat good”
“…could relate to the characters”

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~ The Story That Started It All ~

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